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Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, one of the world’s leading businessmen, was born on September 10, 1964, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Apart from him, his name is Ma Yun.

Jack Ma Biography

Today, Jack Ma, whose property is worth 14 trillion rupees, the same Jack Ma has failed in his college exam 3 times and many companies of China did not give him a job by disqualifying him. Jack Ma is one of the world’s wealthiest people. After not getting a job, Jack Ma continued his struggle and founded Alibaba in 1998.

Jack Ma had a very challenging start to his career. Jack Ma applied for jobs in 30 different places, but each time he felt disappointed. Jack Ma was the first to apply for a police job, but seeing his deal, he flatly refused. After this, he once also got a job in KFC when KFC came to his city for the first time. 24 people had applied for this job, out of which 23 people were selected but the only Jack Ma was not selected. This shows how much Jack Ma ate at the beginning of his career.

He listened to the Internet for the first time in 1994. In early 1995, he went to America with the help of his friends, where he saw the Internet for the first time. Jack Ma had never run the internet before, when he first ran the internet, he discovered the word “beer”. They received much information related to Beer from different countries, but they got shocked seeing that the name of China was not said in that search. The next time he tried to find general information about China, but then he was shocked that no information was available to China on the Internet.

Alibaba company debut:

After doing government work for a few days, he came back to the village and agreed to invest 18 of his friends. And thus together with his friends he laid the foundation of an “Alibaba” company (a startup at the time). In the initial phase, the office of this company built its own apartment. These days he had no other capital other than the investment of his friends, but later by 19, with the help of some other companies, his investment increased to $ 25 million.

After winning the trust of Chinese people and teaching them to do business on the Internet, now this company has become one of the largest companies in the world. The journey of a small village boy who did not have even a single rupee to spend was successful in setting up such a big company just because he had the passion to do something, he had the urge to do something and The most important thing was a curiosity to learn something new at all times. The person who is summoned to learn is sure to touch his success. Even after failing for a thousand times, one day one reaches the position of success, which we find impossible
Jack Ma went to the USA:

Jack Ma heard the name of the Internet for the first time in 1994. Jack Ma went to the USA in 1995 to learn about the Internet with the help of his friends. He first saw and ran the Internet in the United States. He first searched the word Bear on the Internet, where he got many types of information about the word Bear from other websites. When he paid good attention, he saw that there is no information about it in the Chinese language on the Internet.

Even he did a search on the Internet about the country of China, about which he could not find anything by searching on the Internet. Jack was very unhappy at not getting the information of his country on the internet because he felt that in the field of technology, China was far behind than other countries, Jack Ma became the first website of information about China. Jack Ma and his American friend together created their first website full of information about China. Within a few hours of making, Jack Ma started receiving emails from some Chinese people. Seeing this, Jack Ma came to know about the strength of the Internet.

Precious thoughts of Jack Ma:

You have to be very focused on your bad days and you have to trust your mind and not your strength.
You should learn from your opposition but never copy. If you have copied then understand it.
Patience is most important in you.
We are never short of money. If we have a shortage then people of dreamers who can die for their dreams.
Never compete on prices, but compete on services and innovation.
Instead of learning from others, learn from their mistakes. Most people who fail are the same due to their failure whereas many reasons for success can be found.
If Alibaba is not able to become Microsoft or Wal-Mart, then I would regret the rest of my life.
I want people to know what democracy means.
Alibaba is a system that helps small businesses thrive.
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